Élodie Kornheiser studied under the supervision of the sculptor Petrus. 
In 1999, she was contracted by the Cilaos municipaly, on Île-de-la-Réunion, for the realization of a monument. 
Today, she shares her time between Île de la Réunion, Brazil, Spain and France. 

In spite of her young age, she is in the fullness of her art.



From celtic legend to indian mysticism, 
from African trance to the pyramids of Egypt, 
I travel through space. 
Stone sculptor, dream sculptor, 
my nature and nature are in close contact. 
My spirit is filled with mystical forest, 
the harshness of the woods, eternal youth. 

Only the initiated has the means to travel 
where there are no boundaries 
between natural order and insanity.